Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Into the Wild

Was listening to Eddie Vedder on the way home from work. "Society!" From the soundtrack of "Into the Wild."

That movie really stuck with me. I'm going into the woods this weekend, for a week-long (nine days, actually) vacation. Don't be worried. I'll have electricity and water and food. But it's nice to get away.

Maybe when I get back I can get a sustainable job. Not just a job that keeps on paying every week, but a job that helps the Earth, that helps turn society around, that makes people care more about the world than they do about drinking a cheap Big Gulp and finding Cheez-Its on sale at Wal-Mart. No offense to Slurpees. I'm talking about our consume-happy "Society!"

Check out this survey done for Dow Corning:

" According to an international study on alternative energy trends conducted by Harris Interactive for Dow Corning Corporation, nearly 40 percent of companies globally have either implemented or are actively investigating alternative energy technology. "

Sounds like a better future is coming. But God, that Eddie Vedder song is depressing. Don't forget, Pearl Jam helped kill 80s metal. Blood is on their hands. Sorry, Eddie.

Let's listen to some Slayer.


Kristina said...

Hey, I love me some Pearl Jam. There's room for mullets AND grunge, dude...

Anonymous said...

While I have to disagree about "Into the Wild" (seriously, that kid always had his parents to fall back on. There was no need *spoiler* for him to go starve to death in Alaska), I think your goal to find meaningful work is admirable. You'll do it. Who can resist a Green Mullet?