Monday, July 7, 2008

At War With Water

Hi folks. I'm sunburned and bug-bitten and back from camping. And at war with water. (Almost as mad as Venom in the 1980s).

There's a leak in the front bunk of my camper (silicone is my friend) and my basement is damp. I blew $200 on a de-humidifier tonight.

People in the Great Lakes region are talking a lot these days about the need to protect and conserve "the freshwater seas."

From my perspective, water is causing me a lot of problems right now. I'm having a hard time being concerned. We have so much freshwater here (21 percent of the world's supply) and it can be so destructive.

I tried reading the new Dave Dempsey book while on vacation in the woods. Sorry, I couldn't get into it. Maybe it was foreshadowing.

Seriously, someone needs to get people excited about the Great Lakes Compact. But how?

Maybe if it had a catchy riff ... somebody call AC/DC.

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