Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Highway to the danger zone

But just because I'm in the middle of another viewing of "Top Gun."

Someone has mashed up Google Maps to help motorists figure out how much gas money their next trip will cost. It's called Drive Pricing.

Which makes me wonder: How much to get to Graceland?

For now, it seems like the Drive Pricing site is down due to heavy traffic. Hopefully they can Patch It Up (Baby).

From Michigan, it's about 800 miles to Elvisville.

In my SUV (I use it to pull a camper, OK?), it's about $350, each way. Well worth it to soak up some greatness.

Roundtrip by air, if I leave tomorrow and come back Sunday is $865, according to Expedia.

The trip could be more fun in one of these new Ferrari Priuses.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I think you've lost that loving feeling. No, wait, you have the need for speed.