Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Winds of Change

I can hear Klaus Meine whistling the tune. I'm back from the woods and out to change the world. It takes time, and contacts, and networking.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at a new camper. Went out last night and found a nice long one. Perfect. Expensive. New. Outdoor speakers!

But I really wonder about the carbon footprint of this trailer. No I don't. Trailers are one of the last great products still made in America. And I'll be damned if my kids become nature-deprived. I'll still looking for a used one, though. To lower my credit footprint.

- Green Mullet


Anonymous said...

We need a big expensive trailer!

-The Wife

Anonymous said...

Would the Green Mullet ever throw plastic, aluminum or camping chairs into a FIRE while camping with his new expensive camper with outdoor speakers?

~ Smokey the Bear