Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Keep on Rockin' ... in an old car converted to run on electricity?

Nah. That's not as good as "in the free world."

But it's what Neil Young is driving, a 1959 Lincoln Continental hacked into an EV1 (not quite).

They call it the Linc Volt. Take that (you foot dragging) developers of the Chevy Volt!

There's also a documentary being shot on construction of the Youngmobile, take that Al Gore!

Meanwhile, a U of Florida researcher is fabbing a flying saucer that practically runs on air, with studded electrodes (kinda like Judas Priest).

Saw a picture today of George Clooney posing next to a little electric car called the Tango. Not very rockin' and looks like it's about to tip over. Put James Bond in a Tango, with cool gadgets, then maybe.

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