Thursday, July 10, 2008

Told ya --- drill baby

I wrote a while back (link) about 4 buck gas fueling people's urge to drill for more oil. See Obama and especially McCain's plans. Brrrrrr.

ENS has a story on a Pew study that says a higher percentage of folks now think it's more important to mine fossil fuels than protect the environment.

How sad. That's a change from a few months ago, when gas was a little less. So saving a few bucks at the fill-up is worth drilling in ANWR?

No, it's not. Full disclosure here: I pumped 19 gallons into my truck this morning at Kroger and paid $4.05 a gallon for a total bill of $78.

(Seventy-eight dollars. What did I used to do with all my money when gas was two bucks? Then again, I bought some plastic dress shoes at Payless tonight. They LOOK like leather!).

If gas were a dollar cheaper, I would have saved$19 (pretty impressive math skills, huh?). Is $19 a week worth destroying the environment? Please people. Get a grip. Pack a lunch once in a while.

I hope none of you out there agree with this survey. I also would like to see gas prices drop. But I'd rather see them remain high long enough for autos and sprawl to die a little, and to see the development of some mass transportation in Michigan.

Maybe the auto companies will lose enough clout to let that happen. High speed rail, right down the middle of I-75, connecting to all the airports along the way. Need some Pinconning cheese? Take a day trip. (I kinda stole the highway train idea from Gen-Expert. Apply it to your own situation).

Better yet, you could take the iTrain (listen up Apple) to a concert by one of those reunited 1980s bands! You could drink even more $8 beers at Pine Knob (now DTE, an outdoor music theater for the virgins).

At least Bush will be gone soon. Did you hear about his behavior at the G-8 summit? He ended a private meeting with other leaders by saying "Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter."

Then he apparently pumped his fist in the air, shouting "Dio! Dio!" (Not really).

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GenXpert said...

I'd be more than happy to sell my car and take a train. You can work on a train. As a telecommuter, that means I could hop a train for a meeting in Detroit, work for an hour on the train(it's high speed!), go to the meeting, hop back on the train and work some more. If I want to do that today, I'd have to drive FOUR HOURS and wouldn't be able to work.

But I live in Michigan. I have a hard time seeing people here opening up to trains - especially since they're waiting for their unskilled manufacturing jobs to come back.