Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Fighter

I've been holding on to this one, a tailor-made piece for yours truly. White lions living in the wild. The Vegas guys are nowhere to be found (White tigers, I know, but close enough).

Remember White Lion, the 80s band? Super blonde singer. Cool slur:

"Are you cryin tonight?
Are you feelin all right?
I told the world that you were dooooooooowwwwwn on your luck

You were one of a kind
One who'd never give it up
Even when they put a priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice on your head" ...

Turns out the song "Little Fighter" has a green theme. It's about a Greenpeace boat called Rainbow Warrior. (Hmmph. I didn't know this until today. We're all learning!)

Back to the actual white lions, with the sharper teeth: Folks at the Sanbona reserve in South Africa say the gene that causes lions to be born white may be bordering on extinction. The fact that white lions are now living in the wild and sustaining their population is good news, especially when it comes to future VH1 specials.

- GM

Monday, October 20, 2008

We are all Dooned

If you want to know what the future holds, you should be following Doonesbury. The comic's latest storyline revolves around an ex-newspaper guy who's forced to write a blog. Just recently, he lamented that there were 118 million other bloggers out there to compete with.

First of all, there's nothing wrong with blogs. They give a voice to the public. They are not a replacement for the real news media. But the real news media needs to get a clue from these dastardly bloggers. Don't wait on the news. When it happens, get it out there. Don't be afraid to portray life as it really is. Sometimes, people say "Fuck."

And don't be afraid to add some perspective. Don't hide behind the stoopid neutral non-bias mantra (I'm talking to futurists here). That's what gave us years of "Is Global Warming Real?" stories: Quote the experts who say yes. Quote the crackpots or oil execs who said no. Now you have "balance." Don't bother to go the extra step of getting to the truth.

Most blogs are nothing more than commentary on what the real news media says and does. The real news media needs a kick in the pants every so often, and a reminder that there are other perspectives out there besides the ones from the people with the presses and the FCC licenses. Newspapers could be using blogs to their advantage (clicks, commentary, readership) but instead they've tried to brand them as inferior.

OK, I feel like I'm going off on a major tangent. But when it comes to environmental news, you can't beat the blogs. Period. Blogs like Grist and Treehugger and Worldchanging (where folks need to shorten their posts) and Climate Science Watch. I could go on and on. And I'm sure that this post has some holes in its logic. Please feel free to comment. I'm a blogger, remember, without an army of editors staring down on me. It's possible to make a mistake.

- GM

Friday, October 10, 2008

Aliens save the planet?

We probably won't be so lucky. It seems that V is coming back. Remember the 1980s miniseries about the lizard-like aliens who tear off their faces during that one terrifying scene? You remember if you're 30-something. Like everything, it's being remade.

I wish the premise was an environmental one. Aliens come to save the planet from global warming. Then they kill everybody! How timely it would be.

According to the folks at TV Squad, the original creator isn't involved. It's a guy named Scott Peters, who was involved with The 4400, a sci-fi TV program about 4,400 folks in Washington state.

Whatever. At least I get to post the lizard picture.

See you folks.

- Green Mullet.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

#current there we go. clean coal. safe nuclear. usa usa usa. americans are the hardest working (burp) people on earth. union strong.

#current obama has his stuff 2gether. i want to hear obama raise his voice though. i'm not scared of him being black. it's ok. get on it.

#current funny tom, im getting druunk right now

#current how long before 'clean coal' comes up

#current boring so far. bring on palin!

#current ooh wind and tide from mccain. pretty fancy enviro talk.

out of sam adams light. emergency!

#current obama evokes jfk. hell yeh. priority no 1 is energy. he's got my vote now. he took a friggin stand. hell yes.

#current nice of obama to promise or forecast that the market will get better. open up wall street right now. i feel like trading!

#current oooh more pandering. american workers are the best in the world. that must be why we're getting killed by the chinese!

#current take a hike is a memorable quip. one so far. i'm so glad these guys care about me.

#current i like brokaw better on letterman or leno.

#current let me see. high tech manufacturing?

#current yawn. more lip service about 'energy independence'

#current im dying to see how mccain can be obamaish enough to win.

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