Tuesday, July 29, 2008


OK OK OK. If AC/DC can do it, so can I.

I've been busy with summer (beer, sunbathing, bacon) and too busy to actually blog. Although I often blog in my head. Anyway, AC/DC is going back on tour in October. And putting out an album, after eight years. But they've made a deal with the Devil (Wal-Mart). We can't have it all.

But it's time for the Green Mullet to get back in the swing, after a hiatus of, oh, six days.

AC/DC has a section on its site called WWACDCD (What Would AC/DC Do?) Very Christian of them. But I thought it might be a green thing. Maybe those ol' Aussies are getting on the enviro bandwagon, too? Nah, WWACDCD is just a "This Day in AC/DC History."

But it's been a great week of discoveries for GM. Like stumbling across a great Swedish band still stuck happily in the great 1980s, called CrashDiet. Too bad their singer just left the band and their last singer killed himself. We can't have it all.

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