Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get ready to tip over?

It's bad enough that SUVs, good for pulling trailers, are top heavy. Here comes a fold-out trailer that appears to be worse.

A post on Treehugger touts the upright camper as more fuel-efficient. But why not just lay it on its side and tow it like a pop-up? Weird.

"This design is not without its share of problems, such as the lack of kitchen, washroom or any storage; most pop-out designs for trailers or prefab houses have a core of basic facilities. However I like the way it all folds up into a hard-sided suitcase that is narrow enough to go anywhere."

If you're going to tow this, you might as well just pack a tent. And a radio. Or maybe this camper is cooler than it looks, kind of like Tenacious D? None of the posts seem to address how you keep this thing from tipping over. Damn bloggers!

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