Monday, July 21, 2008

Camping with the penguins

Camping Rocks. Spend any time here, and you'll find out that The Green Mullet loves camping. Camping camping camping. It took a while to get his wife to go along (tent) but a travel trailer did the trick (bathroom). Sitting by the fire, drinking Coors Light, listening to Skynyrd, there's nothing better.

While reading The Economist today (right), I came across a story about declining attendance at national parks like Yosemite. It seems attendance has been dropping since about 1987. High gas prices. Wildfires. News Kids reunion. You name it.

"Visitors are staying for less time and camping less often, especially in the wilderness. And rangers are hearing less American-accented English. Were it not for British and German tourists enjoying the weak dollar, the parks would be desolate."

Hunting and fish also are dropping off. How sad. The story goes on and on, and eventually you'll lose interest. Go outside. But don't forget your radio. Play it softly, so as not to disturb the animals (furry and otherwise).

If you go camping, you might want to try the camping raft (not). Treehugger has a mention of this thing. Sounds like you'll need to bring lots of OFF. Camping right on the water? What if you drop your radio?

"The camping raft consists of sturdy logs, safely drifting on barrels."

One other thing: This is kind of cold (no pun intended), but wouldn't "Hundreds of Dead Baby Penguins" be a great name for a band?

- GM

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Kristina said...

I love camping, too. I'm never so relaxed as when I'm out in the woods having beer around a campfire.