Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Are Super Perturbed

It's almost too easy. Warming temps are pushing more wasps up north, and Alaskans are being stung. Alaskans.

Blackie Lawless could not be reached for comment, but Crimson Idol is supposed to be pretty killer, according to some guy I met at a recent Ratt concert.

Nat Geo News reports that there have been steady increases in folks seeking medical care for insect stings. Two in Fairbanks died after being stung by yellow jackets --- the first time that's ever happened.

Some experts say Swarm II could be filmed in Fairbanks: the town saw 10 times more yellowjackets than normal in '06. All this from a spike of about 4 degrees since 1958, when Great Balls of Fire was on the charts.

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