Wednesday, July 23, 2008

72 hours to rock!

That's three days, and one day more than Pretty Boy Floyd gave us.

The Environment Report has a story about employers allowing employees to work a four-day work week, to save on gas. It may not actually save on gas, but it makes you feel better, apparently (duh).

A transcript says working 10 hours straight can be tough (depending on your work ethic, I guess). I don't see why the solution is to make people work 10 hours a day for four days. Let me work from home, for God sakes. Or we can all just go on pretending that we all work every second of our shifts. God knows I do. I never get coffee, go to the bathroom, go for a walk, surf the Net. Never.

An economist tells TER that people might not want to stay home for the first day of their 72-hour weeken

"People are going to say well, I’ve got a third day off, so why don’t I drive around and do some errands and enjoy myself?”

Tell a commute. Telecommute.


Anonymous said...

Question: If I'm not watching them, how do I know they're working?

Answer: Well, if there work gets done, they are working. Duh.


Kristina said...

Yeah, and everyone at the office is working REALLY hard, including the guy reading the newspaper, the woman leafing through Newsweek while her computer goes to screensaver, and the intern working the Jumble puzzle.

GM said...

but at least they're "at work," keeping their chair warm!
- GM

Anonymous said...

@green mullet
A warm chair beats an outcome anyday!