Monday, June 23, 2008

Sell your (car's) soul

"C'mon and take a free ride ..."

Uh huh. I was looking for "free gas" on the Internet last night. Nothing on TV. Kids asleep. No more RSS feeds to read.

And I came across some Web sites offering money and/or free gas for making your vehicle into a roaming billboard.

Just when I thought it was all BS, comes a story on CNN about it.

"We're at a watershed time of how people go to work," said John Challenger, the chief executive officer of global outplacement company Challenger, Gray and Christmas. "Maybe the gas crisis will be the real trigger."

Which makes me wonder: How far would you go to get free gas? What company's logo would you be willing to "wrap" your car with to laugh at the gas man?

Me? Altoids. I love those things.

- GM.

$500 a month, free gas to drive a billboard -

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