Friday, June 20, 2008

George Lucas debuts sailboat

Not really.

But doesn't it look like an X-Wing Fighter?

Popular Science (which I love, and I subscribe to because my daughter sells subscriptions through her school) has a story about a sun-powered sailboat.

Hmm. I thought sailboats were wind-powered. Isn't that Earth-friendly enough? I guess the yachting class uses mean-old (usually diesel) engines to get their boats out into the open blue. Makes sense.

This boat is the alternative to that (hopefully not as lame as some alternative rock: Hello Radiohead).

The name of the boat is (in a deep voice) Volitan.

Volitan, master of the wind, miser of the gas, savior of the Rebel Force.

The sails capture the wind and the sun, and a computer switches over to two 200-horsepower electric motors when the breezes stop blowing.

I don't like Bob Dylan enough to reference his song here, sorry. Teen of the 80s.

- GM.

The Sun-Powered Sailboat | Popular Science

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