Monday, June 16, 2008

Get rid of ants, the natural way

Whatever way that is. Musically, I prefer Poison to natural products (like the Polyphonic Spree).

Picked up this entry from Yahoo! Green. Seems like I'm going to them a lot these days. What about a Google! Green (call me)?

In the Yahoo! entry, a person asks the best way to get rid of ants using natural products.
There are a couple of rude, but effective, answers: Step on them, get an anteater.

Once, I had the same problem and tried a natural ant product, scared that a poison-based one would hurt my little daughters. It seemed to work well.

I bought it
at ACO Hardware (which has a website as sloppy as a Vinnie Vincent guitar solo).

On a side note, it turns out insects are pretty heavy metal. Check out this Bird Nature thing from June 1900:

The peculiar sounds made by different insects, though usually known as insect music, are probably far from musical in the opinions of those who listen to it with dread. Many superstitious people have firm belief in dire warnings concerning certain calamities which "insect music" portends.

For instance we are told that the "deathwatch" is a popular name applied to certain beetles which bore into the walls and floors of old houses. They make a ticking sound by standing on their hind legs and knocking their heads against the wood quickly and forcibly. Many superstitions have been entertained respecting the noise produced by these insects, which is sometimes imagined to be a warning of death."

Rock on.

- GM

Do you know of a natural way to drive ants out of a home?

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SVSU said...

I'd be curious to know if the music of Poison would work as well as actual poison in keeping ants at bay.