Monday, June 16, 2008

Gore endorses Obama

Here come the politicians. Gore is endorsing Obama, now that Hillary has dropped out.

While I hope to see Gore in Obama's cabinet, I dread the wave of "I'm So Rock 'N' Roll" references to follow from the Obama and McCain campaigns. Chuck Berry also has given the nod to Barack.

Remember when Bill Clinton played the sax on Arsenio? That was like Angus doing a strip tease (not really).

Then there was (lame!) John Kerry on bass.

Gore is so cool for the awareness he's brought to global warming (pun intended), he doesn't even need an instrument. Just put a mike in his hand. He's the World's Rock Star (sorry Bono).
I almost forgive him for being married to Tipper.

Gore has done a lot of good outside the White House.

"Fight the good fight, every moment ..."

On one hand, I think he would be great as VP or Secretary of Energy.

On the other hand, I'd hate to see him have to bend and weave and compromise for political sake.

Gore to appear with Obama tonight at Detroit rally | | Detroit Free Press

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