Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crazy Brain

"Crazy, but that's how it goes ... "

Another day, another Ozzy reference.

Psychologists say commuting can drive you crazy, according to the L.A. Times.

They call it traffic anxiety. Too much time between bumpers can make you feel out of control and worthless:

"Some people say, 'Great, I can kick back and listen to some music,' " Nathan said, but others feel like life is passing them by.

I don't agree with this guy. If you can get some time alone to listen to music, that can be satisfying.

Pick up some 80s Hair Metal that you forgot about, or some album you've been meaning to (re)listen to.

I suggest any Motley Crue (with Vince, obviously). Can't wait to sit in traffic and listen to the new one.

It doesn't have to be old (even though 80s metal is superior to most all of today's music).

The Killers is a good choice for newer stuff. Iron Maiden is still around. Didn't like the new Judas Priest, though.

- GM

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