Monday, June 16, 2008

Ethanol is keeping gas prices down

$4-a-gallon gas hurts, but it would hurt even more without "evil ethanol."

Sure, corn-based ethanol is helping increase food prices, and giving farmers another market for their corn, but keeping old-fashioned gas prices down?

That's what folks at the Renewable Fuels Assoc. (and elsewhere) say.

"According to experts at Merrill Lynch and elsewhere, ethanol is helping to keep gasoline prices and oil prices 15-27% lower than they otherwise would be."


"According to recent analysis, the use of ethanol in America’s gasoline market is saving the average household up to $510 per year."

Which makes me wonder: Does the (used to be cooler) band Korn (with a K) endorse ethanol?

Sort of. They announced last year that they were touring green, with buses full o' biodiesel. They were standing in front of rows of corn at the time.

The band was supposed to come out with its own recipe for Korntastic fuel.

But a link to the Web site is dead. Kind of like nu metal.

- GM

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