Friday, June 20, 2008

Renewables to Power National Political Conventions

This is almost too easy.

Couldn't they just power the conventions with hot air?

It's good to see both major parties embrace green energy. Now all they need to do is embrace green energy policy, promoting wind, solar, biomass and a national renewable portfolio standard.

Apparently, Obama is better on the environment than McCain. Democrats usually are, but you can make a case that both are lacking.

Notice that the release doesn't say they'll be using less energy. No mention of those twirly bulbs or anything. Just offsetting their 3,000 megawatt-hours of energy use with green credits, I would say.

Three thousand megawatt hours. How much is that? Enough juice to power about 100 homes for a year.

Rage Against the Machine may crash the conventions, by the way.

- GM

Green Power Network: News: "Renewables to Power National Political Conventions"

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Barack has a nice bootie.