Friday, January 16, 2009

When enviros go too far

No, I'm not talking about buying a Prius. I'm talking about making sweaters out of pet hair.

Of course, we've all thought about it (not). Michigan has been frozen stiff by subzero temperatures this week. People are even driving slower. Too cold to drive the speed limit. That's good for the environment, but this isn't:

Inhabitat, a blog about eco-design and other goodies (Oh Jill ), has a post on turning your shedded dog and cat fur into a sweater. I suppose you could also comb the hair out.

This is sick. Throw your pet fur away, fer God sakes. Or at the most, mix it with candle wax to make some quick campfire starters (although the smell would probably be nasty). I can't imagine wearing a pet sweater. It would have to itch like crazy. Dogs and cats would be following you around all day, sniffing your stuff. Would you need to get a flea collar?

OK, I'm being silly now, like those folks at PETA. Would they throw red paint on you if you wore dog or cat fur? They might think you killed your pet just to keep warm. I'll take the Kid Rock challenge with PETA, while eating a grilled "sea kitten."

- Green Mullet.


Kristina said...

Why is it better for the environment to use old pet hair? Are cotton and sheep non-renewable resources?

Anonymous said...

no doubt. that's why i thought the post was so stoopid.
- green mullet.