Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't give up on green

This message (from me) has been a long time coming. Lake Superior State recently came out with its annual list of banished words. This year, they apparently decided to get political, and chose "green" and "carbon footprint."

Yeh, one year of environmental awareness and progress (Obama) is enough. Banish green and carbon footprint. How ridiculous. Sure, some companies and organizations took advantage of the green wave. But at least it's a part of the discussion now. And some companies are doing more than greenwashing.

Also, this will (hopefully) be the year when the U.S. finally sets some regulations on carbon dioxide. In other words, the year the U.S. begins green measures to reduce its carbon footprint, Lake Superior State.

I was listening to The Hold Steady on the way back from a post-holiday party this weekend. The title of the CD: "Stay Positive." Which fits my message here (one guy also is wearing a green shirt): Don't give up on green. The economy sucks. But that's partly because our economy is built on this old assembly line, fossil fuel model. The more things we do to go green and reduce our carbon footprint, the more jobs that will create. I'd like one of these green jobs, by the way.

Green Mullet.

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Kristina said...

I nominate for elimination instead: Drill, Baby, Drill and "You betcha." Except when said by Tina Fey.