Thursday, January 8, 2009

DTV = trash

By now you've heard about D-Day, or Feb. 17, when "The Digital Transition" takes place.

What does it all mean? Better TV? Nope. It's a way for corporations to get us to upgrade our TVs. It's a way for corporations to increase their broadcasting spread for free under existing licenses. The public has been shut out of the process. Do you think there will be more content, better content, more public access channels? What a laugh

The DTV Revolution is a scam. Take a look back and you'll see that this was pushed by the big media corporations. Of course, there was little if any coverage of the legislation that led to this mandated conversion. The big media corporations don't do a very good job of reporting on themselves (if they could only get the damn bloggers to follow suit). 

Years back, there was a PBS documentary on this swindle. I can't find it online, but you can read more about this story, thanks to links like this. 

Maybe the corporations and Congress will help us to "improve" the Interent next. Hopefully not.

Which brings me to my point: The trash that this analog to digital switch is generating. Millions of people got new TVs for Christmas, or will soon. Most of the old TVs are going into landfills. Thankfully, there are decent agencies and companies out there who are helping recycle this stuff. Check it out.

- Green Mullet

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