Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a great day to run over something

What a day. Could it get any worse? Broken computer? Broken garbage disposal?

Nah, it can only get better (sending positive vibes your way).

I stumbled this afternoon across a Facebook posting for my 20-year high school reunion. I feel a little old, but it turns out I'm doing just what I wanted to with my life: Writing. Didn't think it would be about the environment, to tell you the truth. I used to be addicted to True Crime. Anyway, maybe there's a novel in there somewhere.

On to someone else who's "living the dream." Remember my post the other day about recycling shedded or combed-out pet hair? That, actually, was a tip cut from "An Inconvenient Truth" due to time constraints. Not.

The latest eco-tip out there is on recycling roadkill. As fun as it is to run over a small animal (guilty pleasure, bump), I can't imagine doing more than scraping roadkill off the road and putting it into the trash. Maybe into a compost pile? Nah, not at my house. Kidding people, I wouldn't kill a bunny or squirrel on purpose.

Autobloggreen, usually pretty level-headed, tells the story of one Amy Nugent, a Canadian (figures) who turns bits of smooshed animals into bracelets and wall hangings.

With Valentine's Day coming up, this is a sure-fire romantic gift. Not. But at least it's sustainable. "Honey, I care about you and I care about the Earth. So I bought you this sustainable animal bracelet. No animals were (intentionally) harmed to make this fine trinket for your wrist."

And fitting with the theme of this blog, Amy plays music, but is not related to Mr. Stranglehold. She gets $255 for porcupine-quill bracelets, so it's not all bad.

- Green Mullet.

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