Saturday, January 10, 2009

I want my big TV

Sing the title of this post to the ol' Dire Straits song. But while you're sitting back, watching an '80s video on your big 52-inch flat screen, get ready for this jolt: California regulators are drafting energy efficiency rules for LCDs and plasmas.

It's because the TVs suck up so much juice. 

Usually, federal regulations follow. 

Of course, this won't have any bearing on watching MTV videos, since they don't show videos on MTV anymore. That's what VH1 Classic is for (I feel old). 

I love my seven TVs. Did I say that? But none of them are flat screens, so I'll be able to sleep tonight (and pay my electric bill). 

As for the upcoming regs, what's this world coming to? 

Its senses, I guess. More energy-efficient electronics are better for everyone. Sure, the prices will be higher, but they'll come down. The next frontier should be regs on those energy vampires, which suck juice even when they're not being used. 

P.S. The new regs for LCDs and plasmas are reported to start in 2011. Unless Obama delays them

- Green Mullet. 

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