Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lisa from Jersey gets tough on grunge

Spent some of the night laying (lying?) in bed. Couldn't sleep. But the wife says I was snoring, so I must have slept some.

As I laid in bed, I thought about things I should post here, like Lisa Jackson's memo to her new EPA staff.

Jackson, from Jersey, was confirmed last week as the new EPA chief. Her memo laid out her priorities: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, managing chemical risks, cleaning up hazardous-waste sites, protecting America's water and reviving 80s hair metal. OK, I snuck that last one in. But these are all laudable goals (including the revival).

I say all of this because just the other day, I was ripping on an over-reaction to a recent EPA ruling on a coal-fired power plant in South Dakota. I still think I was right (write?) about that one, but I must say this memo signals a turn in my mind. The Bush EPA sought comments on global warming pollution. And what does Lisa say?

"EPA will stand ready to help Congress craft strong, science-based climate legislation that fulfills the vision of the President. As Congress does its work, we will move ahead to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision recognizing EPA’s obligation to address climate change under the Clean Air Act."

- Green Mullet
P.S. I left out references to Lisa's last name, and connections to Thriller Michael Jackson, and how I think sidewalks light up when Barack steps on them, a la Billie Jean. I thought of these things while sleeping/snoring.

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Kristina said...

Ha, now I'm laughing, imagining Obama dancing down a lit-up sidewalk...