Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shout at the Earth

When my first daughter was first born, I used to drive her around to get her to go to sleep. I'm sure I'm not the first dad to do this. 

I also used to entertain myself a bit with 80s rock, of course. "Shout at the Devil" is a song that you can't turn off once it pops up on the iPod. Kind of like opening a bag of BBQ chips. You have to finish it. 

It wasn't long before my daughter began learning the lyrics (or at least the chorus) to "Shout Shout Shout Shout at the Devil!" Don't worry, we're not devil worshippers. Just an 80s rock family. We go to church. 

Which brings me to this segue: My daughter is now a lot older (let's say six years, but not in a Number of the Beast way). The other day, she told me it was Big Green Help day, as in the day Nick was debuting a new enviro site with games and all kinds of cool stuff. "Like the stuff you write about," she said. She knows what's important!

So we logged on. It was fun. We had to take a pledge to be more green. We had to defend the Earth against CO2 monsters (Bush didn't appear). There was something to do with a cow and a gun (see yesterday's post). 

Although I've seen some critics blogging about Big Green Help, I think it can't hurt (now that's clever). 

Think about it: My kid told me that the site was up. She saw it on Nick. She was waiting for the day. We played a bit together. She was interested in learning about ways to "save the planet." She played a game that taught her about global warming. That's much better than having her shout (shout, shout) my name, only to run to the TV and find that she wants the latest toy of the week.

- Green Mullet. 

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Kristina said...

I agree with you. There are certainly worse messages beamed at our kids from TV and advertisers.