Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have a Coughety Christmas

And be happy about it!

This may be the scariest thing I've ever seen: Chunks of coal singing Christmas carols. Is this a joke? A clever campaign from an environmental group? No, this bit of cheer is courtesy of our friends at the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

The Web site allows you to dress up little chunks of coal, select a background, then select a song for them to sing. I chose "Frosty the Coalman":

"Coughety cough cough / Coughety cough cough / Look at Frosty hack / Coughety coal coal / coughety coal coal / Asthma works so fast!"

Those aren't the lyrics, of course, just the implied ones. 

Leave it up to one of the most polluting industries in the country, the single largest spewer of mercury in the U.S., to tarnish the spirit of the season with a campaign like this. 

One of the songs is called "Clean Coal Night." Is there a way to get baby Jesus (or big Jesus) to give an endorsement? The singers who lended their voices for these songs might as well be singing "See you in Hell" by the ugly (but great) Grim Reaper, circa 1987.

Merry Christmas! And thanks to EnviroWonk for his perspective.


Anonymous said...

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Kristina said...

You mean asthma isn't on your wish list?