Monday, December 15, 2008

Huff, Puff and Blow Some Good Cheer

The folks at Huffington Post, reportedly the top enviro blog out there, have a post today on giving the "gift of change" for Christmas. 

They point to a "Starter Kit for Change," developed by some "awesome Hot Chicks at RockLovePeace." Of course, I clicked for more. 

The kit has the endorsement of Al Gore (kinda), who told the Hot Chicks that "I look forward to utilizing the included components." Wow, you had me at "Hello."

The kit (starting at $40, which is A LOT of change) includes a bunch of the same stuff you'd normally roll your eyes at, but this stuff is enviro-friendly! There's a tree inside, a twirly light bulb and "an envelope to end world hunger" (apparently filled with food). 

Sorry, but I just don't get it. This is a bag of stuff, meant to encourage people to use less stuff. How about a thoughtfully-selected book or a solar charger or some other useful gadget? Just the other day, I saw a Twitter posting on solar Christmas lights. Now that's something useful and practical and green. Also $40.

- Green Mullet.

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