Monday, December 8, 2008

AC/DC predicts public transport future

It's snowing tonight in Northern Michigan. We're supposed to get up to a foot. Maybe there won't be school tomorrow. But work is a sure thing.

The first song on the new AC/DC album is called "Rock 'n Roll Train." The name of the album is "Black Ice." Rail travel was up by 6.5 percent in the third quarter. Black ice is a slippery winter phenomena. Coincidence?

The rail report, from the American Public Transportation Association, says the jump in ridership over last year is the largest quarterly increase in public transport in 25 years. Twenty five years ago, AC/DC had a cassette on the shelves called "Flick of Switch." The backstage pass for that concert tour proclaimed "The Switch Is On."

Even though gas has dropped to around $1.50 from more than $4 earlier this year, people are still riding the subway, bus and commuter rail. They must like it. Imagine commuting to work while reading the newspaper (or surfing a newspaper Web site and dutifully clicking on the ads). Imagine drinking a cup of coffee without having to fight the traffic. 

Of course, I live in the Auto State, where buses and subways and commuter rail are fledgling or nonexistent. I don't think we'll hear any of the begging auto execs mention the new wave. But I must mention this amazing series of events. 

- Green Mullet

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Kristina said...

I love rail travel. I took the train to Chicago last spring and it was great. I listened to my iPod, worked on my laptop (they had plugs right in the side of the battery needed) and read books. The people who flew got delayed by a storm and the people who drove had traffic nightmares.

I got to sit back and relax the whole way.

I visited New York this fall and fell in love with the subway. For $2 you can go anywhere, and it's fast.