Monday, November 3, 2008

The Youth Vote to McCain?

My daughter says she's voting for John McCain tomorrow, and I couldn't be more upset.
She's only seven, and her vote won't count. But I guess she's voting in a mock elementary school election, and has made up her mind.

Where in the world did she get the idea that McCain is a better choice than Obama? He's got more kids, she told me. He also wants to keep gas prices high, she continued. (Not sure what the benefit is of that, unless you hope it will reduce fuel consumption).

It seems that my daughter knows a lot about McCain. I wonder where she heard it from? Her teacher?! I bet so. She sure as hell hasn't heard me singing the praises of McCain. Four more years of failed Bush policies.

I tried to convince her before she went to bed that Obama is a better choice. He will improve the economy and get our troops home sooner, I told her. He also cares more about the environment, I said, before kissing her good night.

Will you make more at your job if Obama wins? She asked. Yeh, that's right, I told her. Sleep tight.

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Kristina said...

Very funny. My son seems to be under the impression that John McCain will be visiting his school. He said, "I think you should vote for John McCain." I said, why do you think that? He said, "He's coming to Glenwood." I asked him who told me that, and he said one of the teachers did (not his teacher, though.)