Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the fifth estate

that's a reference to journalism, and the death of it. or the impending death.

by the time my kids grow up, they may never know what it means to read a balanced, unbiased, well-researched story in a newspaper. newspapers are gray and white things that more people used to read before the internets came along. i'm telling you, however, that good journalism won't die if i can help it. the internets figured out how to improve journalism, in ways. all newspapers have to do now is listen. we'll see.

in the meantime, let me pass on some interesting quotes from past presidents, some of whom promised to give us 'energy independence.' on a tangent, i know. bear with me.

Nixon promised it. Then Ford and Carter. Now Obama. Maybe in the era of pesky pajama-ed bloggers and Al Gore, the new guy will succeed. Gas at $2.08 a gallon won't help, however. It's up from $1.89 yesterday. I was hoping (with indigestion) that gas would hit $6 a gallon. Then the U.S. would make some real moves.

If nothing else, Obama is getting tons of advice and support from green groups.

- GM

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Kristina said...

I used to groan and argue everytime someone proclaimed the death of newspapers, which people have been doing ever since radio.

But this time, they might be right.

Local news would suffer greatly, though. There's still no place better to read about your county drain commissioner race.

Not that anyone reads about those races. Hmm, maybe that's the problem.