Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RIP incandescent bulb. Long live CFLs and LEDs and other abbreviations

Clean Break reports (first, I think) on the death of the GE incandescent bulb. The GE folks have been working on an energy efficient version of the incandescent, without the mercury and with better light than CFLs (which can make you look 25 yrs. older than you really are). But the company told the blogger that they've abandoned that project and are now working on LEDs and something called OLEDs (o for organic). 

This is a bummer, just before Thanksgiving. Sure, CFLs are great. But the light they give off just isn't as intense and bright as the old standby. Sorry Al. 

Plus, they contain a drop of mercury, which kinda freaks me out. The kids have one in their room. If it breaks, I've got to get out the ET spacesuit. 

LEDs are brighter, but they also give off a weird look. I was stuck at a blinking (sorta) red light on the way home from work today. Stuck because the light was kind of half blinking, half shutting off. I realized after a bit that it was an LED. 

Anyway, we're all going to have to get used to a new way of illumination, I guess. 

Pass the shadowy gravy. 



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