Friday, November 21, 2008

A Green Mullet Podcast? Black Friday Mary Delgado

Sorry about the title. Trying to get more hits. 

A friend of mine suggested I do a twice-weekly podcast. I don't have the time. Maybe once a week if we're lucky. I should mention that this friend and I often chat on the Can Cam, also known has Google Video Chat. Sorry if you can't get the image out of your head. 

This podcast would (conceptually) be me, a microphone, some hard rock snippets, some enviro news snippets, more of me. 

What might be on this week's podcast (if there was one?) How about the VW Jetta TDI being named Green Car of the Year? This car is a diesel and costs $22K and up . It comes with a particle filter and a $1,300 federal tax credit. It also has a cool Web site. So while the Big Three were getting beat up on Capitol Hill this week, the VW folks were getting an award from the Green Car Journal

Cue some music: Magic Carpet Ride, the Remix

Segue to the new 90210 (which I'm trying to watch while I type). Segue back to the environmental stuff: 

The clean diesel Jetta doesn't have a microwave, because they're bad. And you'd probably burn your Hot Pocket trying to drive and nuke. 

The folks at Plenty Mag (subscribe) have a warning about microwaving plastic, which I find pretty scary. Kind of like My Chemical Romance

Other folks at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel microwaved a bunch of "microwave-safe" plastic and found it leached toxic levels of the chemical Bisphenol A. BPA, as it's known, is linked to neurological and development effects in lab animals. Is anything safe anymore? Is anything regulated anymore? Thank god for journalists, who are soon to be an endangered species. 

Cue some White Wolf, which once had an album (cassette) called "Endangered Species."

- GM

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