Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama: How long will it last?

Today has been a great day in America. Nov. 5, 2008, the day after most of the country (in their right minds) voted for Mr. Change, also known as Barack Obama.

Kind of reminds me of when Bill Clinton was first elected. The feeling of hope. The feeling that something better was around the corner. Yesterday was a day when most of the country (in their right minds) stood up and rejected the policies (war) of the past eight years. It was great to see the spontaneous eruptions of joy in the streets.

How long will this feeling last? How long before Democrats are back attacking Republicans, Republicans are back attacking Democrats?

There are high expectations for the new guy. It's up to each of us to pay attention. We don't get to vote once and then sit back for the next four years. Let's demand better from our leaders. Let's say that if Congress doesn't cooperate with our new Commander in Chief that we're not gonna take it. Thanks Twisted Sister! Seriously. Let's take some advice from a classy guy named John McCain.

- GM

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Kristina said...

I think it's already waning, because of all the media coverage of the huge job he has ahead of him.

I'm nervous for him!

That WAS a classy speech by John McCain.