Friday, September 5, 2008


Are there any rock songs about laying an egg? Supposedly Tool has one called "The Eggs of Satan." Seems appropriate.

That's what McCain did last night. Laid an egg. Satanic snore. Thank God for those two or more protesters who shook things up at the beginning of the speech. That at least made it interesting. John McCain, you're a war hero, a great man. That's all. Not a great speaker.

Does it matter? Yup. A leader needs to be able to communicate, not just show the people he meets a box of medals. Was that cruel? Didn't mean it to be. I take nothing away from the man. He just doesn't do it for me. I now think his pick of Sarah Palin was a wise choice. At least she's got some fire.

Let me stand next to your fire.

Do those "Drill Baby Drill" signs make you nervous? Sounds like a porn movie, with the Earth as the star. I can't believe that with energy prices shooting up, the GOPs answer is to dig and suck more finite resources from the planet. Great guys. Wave your cowboy hats.

- Green Mullet.

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Kristina said...

That picture scares me!

Yeah, drilling is awesome. And I LOVE BREATHING THE FUMES!! That's what drives me nuts, here. There is more to energy policy than "foreign oil, domestic oil, french fry oil...what's cheapest?" How about cars that don't run on oil at all, thus, don't pollute?