Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I need a bailout!

Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. Times are tough. Industries in Michigan are dying. Employees are shopping for coffins. I've been kinda busy.

Meanwhile, Wall Street yacht owners are getting a bailout. Awesome. And here's one parallel I can't help but mention: Folks from the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration (which was created by Dubya years ago) came up with a bailout plan for the Great Lakes in 2005. A $20 billion strategy to clean up toxic sediments, fix aging wastewater treatment plants, combat invasive species, etc.

The cost is now estimated at about $26 billion (thanks inflation). But Congress just hasn't had the money, despite a Brookings study that said the investment would create $50 billion in economic benefits (pdf ).

But as soon as some rich folks lose their ability to buy new $5,000 ties, it's Congress to the rescue. Yee f*ckin haw!

There, I feel better. Kind of like those new Rock Band 2 commercials with folks singing "Let There Be Rock." Aren't those cool? Like a cool dip in a clean lake. Maybe they'll make a video game that will allow folks on Lake Huron to experience such a thing.

- Green Mullet

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