Saturday, September 6, 2008

NPR is full of it

They had a show recently on 1980s music, called "The 1980s: Were they really that bad?." I downloaded the podcast. I'm listening. I'm figuring they're going to give the 80s some props. But they made fun of 80s music. A bunch of 30 year olds making fun of 80s music? They ripped on Motley Crue. They referred to 80s metal as butt rock (before I turned off the show).

Go post on their blog and tell them they're full of it.

- Green Mullet


Anonymous said...

You are right, Green Mullet! And you can't even use that manure for fertilizer - contaminates the drinking supply.


Anonymous said...

Ok so I listened...heard a bunch of blah blah blah and just sat back and enjoyed the clips of music that they played! We Built This City is one of the best tunes ever!