Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everyone drives separately

"Carpoolers," one of the funniest (and most environmentally friendly) TV shows has been taken off the air. It starred Jerry O'Connell and was a fresh take on the absurdities of the office, with a little plug for conservation (carpooling). But the show ran for less than a year. The Bush administration, er ABC, pulled it off the air. The last show aired March 4, 2008.

Last night, I watched the debut of another O'Connell project, "Do Not Disturb." This one about a hotel where all the employees are screwing all the guests (Bush administration?) Not as funny, and everyone drives separately to work. Is it a coincidence that this new show is on the Fox Network (Bush administration)?

What kind of shows will Obama usher in? Or, shudder, McCain?

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Anonymous said...

McCain will bring back Murder She Wrote. Duh.