Friday, August 22, 2008

I got the six

Gimme your nine. Yeh, that's dirty, but it popped up on my iPod today, so there.

At work tonight, and wondering who Obama is going to pick as his running mate. So I went to Not his Website. Yikes. He's a foreigner!

Sorry I disappeared for a while there. Too distraught over Bigfoot hoax. And busy as hell at home. My Google Reader RSS inbox has been filling up, and I have a lot of Starred Stuff to blog on. If I had the time. Been getting ready for new semester of graduate classes, so I can earn a degree in Enviro Sciences and help solve the world's problems (and more importantly, get a master's to hang next to my wife's big fancy master's degree).

One particular story out there got me thinking of AC/DC, as in "I'm on a Highway to Hell." (Which, by the way, uses the "N word" in the third line. Funny that never gets edited out on the radio). Discuss ...

Back to the story, which says that Oregon is finally going to take advantage of those hot asphalt highways. The state, using state engineers and builders, is going to turn a section of sun-soaked highway right-of-way into a solar collector. Good idea. Somebody get over to Oregon and stop them! This is bad for Oil Barons everywhere!

You might say those Oregonians are "Highway Stars" (Best covered by Metal Church ).

It's good to see some innovation like this come out of the U.S. Seems like a good way to light street lights. Charge up the batteries during the day. Light the lights at night. Hope nobody steals the batteries.

Unlike, this project has its own URL,

- Green Mullet.

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