Friday, October 10, 2008

Aliens save the planet?

We probably won't be so lucky. It seems that V is coming back. Remember the 1980s miniseries about the lizard-like aliens who tear off their faces during that one terrifying scene? You remember if you're 30-something. Like everything, it's being remade.

I wish the premise was an environmental one. Aliens come to save the planet from global warming. Then they kill everybody! How timely it would be.

According to the folks at TV Squad, the original creator isn't involved. It's a guy named Scott Peters, who was involved with The 4400, a sci-fi TV program about 4,400 folks in Washington state.

Whatever. At least I get to post the lizard picture.

See you folks.

- Green Mullet.

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Anonymous said...

"Liberation Day"

Shortly after her ship's capture by the Resistance, Diana escapes in a shuttle but is pursued by Donovan. The two engage in combat in the atmosphere, and Donovan successfully shoots her down and, after a short fight, captures her.

One year after the day when the Red Dust was deployed...